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Roll & Draw

Roll and Draw produces games for anyone who wants to have fun and learn while being entertained. We offer online games you can play anywhere at any time. Its unique design and innovative features like QR codes, application to continue games after they're finished, make this company the first of its kind in Albania.
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EMBRACELET, consisting of 12 students from Vienna, produces and sells self-designed bracelets. 50% of the profit from sales is donated to well-chosen charities. We designed four different EMBRACELETS that strive to support charities tackling different social and environmental problems. Based on the color and the symbol on the EMBRACELET, the customer supports the cause they choose.
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KazaK is a company built on teamwork, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to partnerships we were able to expand our network. We produce four types of handy and compact bags you can attach to your belt to store money, mobile phone, car keys and many other items. Our KazaKs are spacious, comfortable and sturdy. Customers can even compose their own KazaK.
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Echooo is a 360° service that offers businesses data on their waste management and a way to reconnect with their consumption thanks to sensors inside our connected trash cans. This data is visualised and analysed in our monitoring app thus allowing us to guide businesses towards zero waste with our personalised services.
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Kaliopa is from the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. We have been taking care of our own rose fields for 3 years now. This year we are delighted to introduce the revolutionary change we have made- a rose jam filling with erythrol substituting for sugar - KALIMAZING chocolates. “Kalimazing” are made of high-class chocolate with rose water, almond filling and rose jam. A taste to last, a name to remember!
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When the planet is calling for help and people for charcoal, Coalfee is here to save the day. Coalfee is a company from Latsia Lyceum and it produces biological and organic charcoal made of something you would never have imagined… espresso coffee waste and it really turns up the heat!
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We are a student company from Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Our product is a boardgame that is teaching children about ecology, economical thinking, finances and, of course, teamwork.
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Bubbles offers a voice server that aims at improving communication between educators and ADHD-students. Our vision is to help children suffering from attention and hyperactivity disorders do better academically and socially. Our voice server allows noise-cancelled communication between educators and ADHD-students. We call it the ‘Learning Bubble’.
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EHA is a student company from Estonia manufacturing innovative wireless wooden design-lamps. Our mission is to bring warmth, light and style into every moment. And that is why we created the EHA Lamp. It’s a lamp that is both practical and chic as it combines up-cycled wood and modern technology. Check out our upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo!
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Jalo manufactures handmade bow ties out of recycled and surplus materials! The unique high-quality bow ties are produced with social responsibility supporting the re-employment of long-term unemployed sewers.
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Lunch & Go

Lunch&Go was founded by 14 students. We strive to make a change for the better. Our kit consists of eco-friendly items: bamboo cutlery and toothbrush, a small tin containing powder-form toothpaste and an INOX straw & a specialized brush to clean. All those items are packaged in a hand-sewn pouch made from recycled fabric.
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rottweil.life is a company that stands for innovation and progress. With our app we aim to take a giant step towards the digitalization of the oldest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Many tourists never get to see the really unique sights and attractions that our hometown has to offer. Our solution: a sightseeing app that casts a new light on Rottweil and its history. We tell the stories that nobody knows.
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Helmet Vision

Helmet Vision's mission is to help firefighters. Every day, mano of those heroes die or get injured while they are on duty. Our product is a helmet, which is equipped with high-level technologies, that helps the firefighter locate obstacles in their way and determine the distance with earphones. Our product is innovative and it can save the people’s lifes.
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Eco Wave

Eco Wave is here with a revolutionary product: Bio-veil, the first ever biodegradable medical examination table paper roll. It is unique because it is made of Mater-Bi®, a biodegradable & compostable bioplastic., The features of Mater-Bi® are very similar to those of traditional plastics, but it is biodegradable and compostable according to the EU standard UNI EN 13432.
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No Joke

Porn is one of the biggest problems among the today’s youth. PorNO is a campaign created by a group of students from Budapest, Hungary.
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Dyngja was founded by three classmates from The Commercial College of Iceland. We educate young people about investments in the stock market so that they will be ready to deal with any obstacle. The app consists of an educational tab where users can master all of the main terminology, as well as gaining valuable experience in equity investing by trading with artificial money.
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Rí na bhFocal (King of the Words)

Rí na bhFocal, (King of the Words), is a new company with the aim of encouraging language-learning and cultural preservation, by creating and developing modern, enjoyable, educational material including a variety of games for all ages. Our product is scalable and can be applied to every language, both minority and widely-spoken.
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Solace is a team of five students from the Isle of Man. We have manufactured a USB device called ‘Occativity’ to help retailers track customer footfall using the Wi-Fi signal from a mobile device such as a smart phone. We produce a report for our clients and this data can be used to plan promotions and staffing levels to maximise sales.
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SIGMA has developed The AquaSense system, a smart bracelet that saves lives. The bracelet contains both a water sensor and a vibration activation switch that can identify drowning people. The receiver receives a radio wave signal and transforms it into a cellular signal. The app receives a signal of distress and notifies both the parent/s of the bracelet wearer as well as other emergency contacts of choice.
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Green Savers JA

Green Savers JA produces APS 2.0, an intelligent mechanical structure capable of protecting crops by adapting it to different climate conditions. Using a microcontroller board, 4 sensors and two different motorized protective sheets, APS 2.0 chooses the type of protection to offer to the crops, protecting them from excessive sunlight, rain, hail, frost and wind.
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Clean Clever

Everything starts with simplicity. Our student company produces zero waste dishwashing products that harm no one. Our first product, a dish-washing capsule, is produced based on a recipe that we have invented ourselves. In the future, we will create more products that will help households produce less waste carrying out a daily task: dishwashing.
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“Insquare” is a smart clothing brand which focuses on comfort, style and freedom of movement. By adopting the newest technologies, we created smart hidden pockets for our hoodies which allows the user to feel safer and more comfortable. Thanks to those hidden pockets, the person wearing the sweater doesn’t need to carry any extra bag. We use materials that are unusual to this type of piece of clothing.
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Frësch Këscht

The FrëschKëscht is a box containing regional, seasonal, healthy and fresh food. There are 2 options; a classic option with vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs and a weekly special such as jam or mustard, and a vegan option. Our cardboard boxes can be delivered or picked up at a pickup point. Customers can either buy a single box or get a subscription to receive a box filled with delicious products every week.
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Soundsy offers the perfect solution to the excessive use of natural resources. We manufacture and sell acoustic devices made of wood scraps from furniture production. We offer completely natural speakers that are perfect for music lovers and those who want to spend more time in nature. The speakers work without an energy source, by simply connecting to someone's cell phone.
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7 students from 7 nationalities came together due to a lack of knowledge of Malta’s historical landmarks. The team created ‘Landmark’ - A fun card game for all ages currently exploring 36 different cultural and historical landmarks in Malta. All profits will be donated for the preservation of these landmarks.
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No Q

Our product is a website, called „No Q”, which allows students to schedule a timeslot to pick up their food in advance thus reducing the waiting time at the cafeteria. Students can order their food from wherever they are whenever they want.
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We, as students of an interior school find it very important to come across representative to our internship companies, work and customers. That is why we developed the product the ‘BackTas’. Our mission is to offer a personalizable bag for your A3 documents.We strive to offer an environmentally friendly, user-friendly, durable and affordable product.
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Current UB

Current UB is developing a product that is capable of producing renewable energy through wave power. The product can be installed on the rocks by the shore. Current UB will first address the holiday house market across Norway's coastline. In the future, we will expand and serve both the holiday house market and also the businesses market in coastal societies globally.
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Animalki is a small company from Poland that manufactures unconventional and ecological articles for animals. We specialise in producing snuffle mats - sensory toys which develop the senses of pets. We also offer a bewildering array of canine tug toys and blankets in many shapes. Animalki combines versatility with an alluring design. Our clients' satisfaction is our priority.
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Eco Bags addresses SDGs number 12, 13, 14 and 15. Our mission is to provide consumers with innovative products that offer them an ecological solution, starting with the ecobag, a bag that will help all dog owners collect the feces. The bag is not harmful to the environment, produced with sustainable and organic components, which allows its decomposition when in contact with the animals` feces.
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Cyber Coffee

Cyber Coffee offers consumers an “error-free” coffee by using a smart ecosystem consisting of a vending machine and a mobile application. It allows consumers to "create” the perfect coffee for them directly from their smartphone and order it in complete safety. By using our app, users can create custom recipes by choosing from a large variety of high-quality ingredients.
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Wonderful Workshop

The Wonderful Workshop Company offers stylish and practical denim items putting old jeans to good use by giving them a new life and purpose. All products are handmade, high quality, one-of-a-kind, and made with great passion and care. When buying Wonderful Workshop products customers can be sure those are created specifically for them.
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Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense offers a device that helps making visually impaired and blind people’s life easier and to become more independent in their everyday life. The gadget they developed consists of a badge and a watch. It works with Doppler effect where the user feels the vibration when facing an obstacle on the road. The team consists of information technology students from a Technical school in Mladenovac.
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REN brings you a universal solid cleaner that will solve any impractical problem. It is easy to store and effectively removes grease in water of any temperature. It can also remove water deposits or mold. It is fully ecological, biodegradable and made only of natural materials. By washing dishes with our product, you prevent contamination of residual water.
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Recolor produces metal color dye cans, that can be used as spray cans as well. The user can pick a color of their choice and pour it into the can. Recolor spray cans are environmentally friendly as they are intended for multiple uses and don’t emit aerosol gasses. This makes them better than cans you can buy in the convenience store.
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How many times have you argued with a family member about who is responsible for clearing the table or cleaning the dishes? Homeily has the aim of fairly distributing domestic work thus ensuring equality. We believe that our product is a fun and original method with the aim of motivating and entertaining the participants while unifying and intensifying family ties.
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CAN Marketing

CAN Marketing provides a renovation service of municipal trash cans in addition to the sale of information and marketing space through its innovative, graffiti free trash can decal. Our vision is to help European cities to become cleaner, more sustainable and more attractive while offering a marketing opportunity with the goal of supporting local business and urban growth.
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Mü-Company produces first-class Swiss chocolate from bean to bar. We stand for excellent quality and helping the climate. We source our cocoa beans exclusively from sustainable organic farming and they are fair trade. The foil of its packaging is biodegradable and the CO2 emissions that are created during production and transportation are compensated 30-fold.
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12 million patients in the world get chemotherapy treatment each year. 68% of those patients experience numbness-neuropathy at their fingertips. Tensopathy was founded with the dream of improving the quality of life by preventing the development of neuropathy with a world-class innovative solution.
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EnviroTent has created an innovative, sustainable product that is the only cardboard tent in the UK. As a new business, we understand the changing times ahead and the need for a more sustainable future and have designed our product to be the leader in this need for change. Innovation is key to our company.
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