The competition criteria require the students to demonstrate or explain their achievements in learning and their individual and group development as acquired while running a mini-company.  

  • Innovation, Value Creation and Entrepreneurship
  • Product/Service Development and Customer Focus
  • Financial Performance
  • Objective Setting, Planning/Review, and Company Administration  
  • Ability to Demonstrate Achievements in Learning 
Hand, notepad and laptop

According to the criteria, judges will be looking for innovative approaches to meeting the challenges of running a company as well as for understanding of the value that the product/service brings to the market.  They will also assess the impact of the ‘learning by doing’ experience. In scoring each criterion, judges will assess how well the mini-company performed against it and to what extent mini-company members have shown that they understand their performance and the business principles involved.  

It is not expected that all criteria will be covered at every stage. Companies should consider how best to communicate their performance in each of the criteria across the different judging stages. The members of one mini-company might give prominence to the financial performance of their mini-company during their stage presentation to strengthen their response to that criterion while the members of another mini-company may choose to emphasise the research and development of their product range as a key element of their stage presentation.